Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Pipeline Inspection Services

Associated Environmental Services provide a modern drainage inspection service using the latest closed circuit television equipment.


AES has two camera systems available :


AES has small and large tractors designed to inspect larger pipes ranging from 400 mm through to 1300 mm and beyond in diameter. The large Optimess tractor is not only steerable, but is also equipped with a power mechanical lift so the position of the camera within the pipe can be changed to suit the size of the pipe at any time during the inspection.



The CCTV equipment is carried in totally self-contained high roof vans with each unit divided into two work areas. The rear compartments are used to carry all the camera equipment, including tractors and reels as well as the supporting equipment such as road signs and cones. The front compartment is set up as a studio the operator views through the monitor the conditions existing in the line under survey. Each survey vehicle contains equipment that is able to produce hard copy photographs of any of the faults as they are detected on the monitor. These photographs can be attached to an inspection report sheet, thereby providing an immediate reference to the severity of a fault without having to refer to the videotape. The units are also equipped with the latest "frame grabbing" equipment, whereby photographs can be taken direct from the inspection monitor and transferred onto either a 3.5 floppy disc or a CD-ROM for transfer, along with the inspection reports, onto the client’s computer program. This information can be entered directly into a computer program to provide detailed line by line and summarised reports in a format to suit the client’s purpose. Each studio contains modern computer and printer hardware as well as voice and visual equipment so the operator is able to maintain contact with his field technician. AES is able to supply reports based on, and fully compatible with, MITS Hansen system.

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