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AES is pleased to offer the following range of services to our clients.
For more information on what we can offer please get in touch with our team. 


Inspection & Monitoring Services

CCTV Pipeline Inspection

Property Drainage Inspection

Traffic Flow Monitoring


Engineering Services

Pipeline cleaning


Information Services

Pipeline Inspection Database

Data Reporting & Analysis

Data Exports to Access or Excel

Digital Video Production 

Associated Environmental Services provide a drain cleaning service for both domestic and industrial clients. Their modern drain cleaning trucks can deliver water-blasting pressures exceeding 2000 PSI and produce over 240 L/minute of flushing water. The jetting trucks and their experienced operators are available for either small or large jobs.

The jetting units carry 200 metres of drain cleaning hose fitted onto fully hydraulic reel systems. A full range of specialized flushing nozzles is available designed to deal with blockages caused by sand, gravel or heavy fat build up as well as cleaning different pipe sizes and configurations.

Also available is a DAR (Difficult Access Reel) specially designed to allow access to rear sections or down narrow paths or where heavy machines may cause damage to property.

Associated Environmental Services has the latest root cutting equipment for use in drains from 100 mm (4") up to 300 mm(12") in diameter.


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